Fingerprints Nursery

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What people say:

  • "Our son is happy, safe and thriving and that's all we can ask for when he is not in our care."
  • I have the most positive experience with Fingerprints nursery. My child has been attending since being 1 years old"
  • "He has truly thrived in all aspects since starting here. He now loves to learn too! The best thing about this nursery is the staff and their relationships with us"

  • "She built solid relationships outside home both with other children and nursery staff, especially Chloe who she talks about all the time"
  • "Since he started, he has grown so much in terms of his personal and emotional development and social interaction"

  • "All the staff have good relationships with children and I know everything my child has done everyday without fail"
  • "I cannot fault this nursery or the staff"
  • "Thank you to each and every member of staff, for their hard work and the time they put into the children at Fingerprints; you are all exceptional"
  • "I know that should there ever be an issue, I can come to any one of you and know that my concerns as a parent are listened to and acknowledged"
  • "After seeing how well our first child had settled in, we were eager to enrol our youngest son into your baby room"
  • "He is so happy to come to nursery and his Key person, Emma is fantastic"

Our Rooms

Baby Room

Our baby room provides a homely and comforting environment for our youngest children.

We ensure that the babies feel safe and secure and can enjoy new experiences in a supportive environment.

The team in the baby room are both qualified and experienced in caring for children under the age of two. They will use their knowledge and skills to introduce your child to many exciting, stimulating and sensory experiences, enabling them to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Your child’s key person in the baby room will work in partnership with you in order to ensure continuity between home and nursery regarding your baby’s individual routines, likes, dislikes and much more.

Our Toddler Room

Our toddler room caters for children from two to three years of age by providing experiences to meet the needs of the children’s growing independence and curiosity, whilst still maintaining an environment where children feel safe and secure.

The toddler room opens into a secure garden area outdoors, giving the children free choice as to where they wish to play.  The practitioners in this room are skilled in supporting the children’s individual and ever-changing needs and ensure that they have fun whilst learning through play.

Your child’s key person in the toddler room will work in partnership with you in order to ensure continuity between home and nursery about your toddler’s individual routines, needs and interests.

Our Pre-school Room

Provision for our Pre-School children continues to build on the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum of learning through play, whilst introducing many new key learning opportunities to help your child develop their early years skills in all areas.

Whilst supporting children’s play, our practitioners will use their knowledge of each child’s stage of development in order to develop their skills, such as sharing and co-operation, early literacy and numeracy skills and much more.  These are key skills which will help your child adjust to school life when they leave us.

The routine in the three to five's room has been developed to ensure that each day all of our children experience time for independent play, adult supported activities, circle times and outdoor play, in addition to any other planned experiences to extend the children’s interests. 

The Pre-school room also opens into a secure garden area so that the children have free-flow access to this area.